Review: The View Rooftop Lounge.

Hi loves, happy Sunday!

Today I’ll be reviewing this restaurant/lounge that was popping in May/June, let’s get right into it.


Location: Twin Waters, off Remi Olowude road, Lekki second roundabout, by Lekki Leisure Lake.

Ambience: Beautiful both in and out. I love how the lounge overlooks the ocean. You can practically hear the waves, it’s a beautiful scenery.

Space: There’s enough space, both in and out. I particularly loved staying outside.

Price: Because this was an office outing, we paid with discount inclusive. For their actual menu, check here. Nonetheless, I had Small Chops, Jollof Rice with Spicy Chicken & Steamed Veggies, The View Harbour Cocktail and Jameson Whiskey.

Quality: Starting with the starters, the spring roll was soooo good! I’m more of a puff puff chick but I really loved the spring roll. The spicy chicken in my jollof rice was yum and huge! I had to take the rest home.

Service: Service was great, the waiter leaves the menu with you should in case you change your mind. They also have name tags so it’s easy to identify the waiter tending to your table.

Blogger friendly: Yes it is blogger/picture friendly, everyone around you will be taking pictures by the way so no worries.

Parking: There’s a great amount of parking in the compound.

Did you know there are 3 restaurants in Twin Waters? I don’t do sea food but 788 is on my list.

Have you been to The View or any restaurant in Twin Waters? How was your experience?

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