Restaurant Review: Finally Had Lunch At Circa Lagos And…

Heyyyy! Whaaattt’sss haapppeeennniinnngggg?

I’m pretty pumped about this review because I’ve been meaning to go to Circa for the longest!

Circa Lagos

Location: 2 Kola Adeyina Close, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Ambience: Circa shares the same building with The Borough, it’s a tad bit upscale, minimalist and pretty.

Space: The space is quite small and can’t house a lot of people. We had to wait a few minutes at the Lobby Bar before going to have lunch because it was pretty full by 3:30pm on a Sunday afternoon. Business must be booming lol.

Price: I had lamb chops with white rice on the side for N8,000 and their signature Okoloko cocktail for N3,000 in medium size. Vat is excluded from these prices.

Quality: Let’s start with the drink. It’s strong and sweet at the same time, I don’t know how they did it but damn! I love it! It was actually quite strong for me for a Sunday afternoon but we move. I’ll rather have strong cocktails at night.

The Lamb Chops was sweet and tender, I’ll have asked for it to be extra spicy so if you’re a Yoruba babe like me, ask for it to be extra extra spicy.

Service: Our food came say 25 – 30 minutes after we ordered, pretty fair but we were sooo hungry. Honestly, the entire staff is the best I’ve seen yet in Lagos, wow. The manager (owner maybe?) was nice enough to tell us the restaurant was full and advised we waited at the Lobby Bar for a few minutes. Good stuff.

Blogger Friendly: Oh yes! Everyone minds their business so you’re free to take pictures/videos.

Parking: There’s fairly good parking space in the compound and on the street.

Have you been to Circa Lagos? What did you think?

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