What I Wore: Glowing in Green.


Happy new year and happy new month! Oh my, it’s been a while!

I’m back from my unintended and extremely long break. I went from posting every week to not dropping a single post in three years.

To be honest, the reason I’m here is because I got a notification from WordPress to renew my domain name and I was like “oh wow, I’m paying for a domain name that I rarely use? In this economy?” I’m presently in Nigeria so it’s a little tough on us here lol.

Today I’m sharing pictures from my friend’s wedding which happened over the weekend. I looked absolutely divine and totally loved my makeup.

Yes I know, I look so different especially if you’ve followed me since 2014. I’ll talk about growing up and experiencing changes in my body in a separate post.

By the way, I restructured my dress because the sleeves didn’t fit and the plunge neck was a little too low. I think it looks much better than the original, what do you think?

Picture details:

Camera – iPhone 11 front camera on portrait mode.

Equipment – Tripod and 18′ ring light.

Editing Apps – Lens Buddy, Meitu, FaceTune 2 and iPhone in-built photo editing feature.

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Cheers to my 200th post on the blog! 🎉



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