I Made A Wig!

Hi hi and hi again, how have you been dear readers? So over the weekend I made a wig, yes I made it all by myself hunnay (after watching YouTube videos of course). Please watch the videos embedded in this post as I cannot do a pictorial. P.S I used the method in the second […]

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Havanna Twists On Natural Hair.

Yello loves! So over the weekend I washed my hair with my newly acquired products and did havanna twists. I’d try to make this post as short and detailed as possible. Here are videos on how to do havanna twists Initially my twists were supposed to be big and havanna-like but oh well… What You’d Need: […]

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Twist & Trim.

magically appears onto post Hi dolls! 😉 So some Wednesdays ago, I decided to trim my ends just because the trim I got here wasn’t satisfactory and I have also resolved to trimming my hair myself (when necessary) till I find a professional stylist to trim it evenly and nicely. Moving on, I downloaded this […]

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Wash, Twist, Go.

Hey hunnies, doing good today? Over the weekend I washed my hair and pondered on what to do with it. For a while now I have been procrastinating on doing micro twists all over but this was the end of that procrastination, I decided to twist my hair so I literally did a wash, twist […]

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Twists Out On Natural Hair.

Hey darlings! I did this bomb twists out on Monday, September 1st but I had to comb it out because my H.O.D wouldn’t sign my clearance form, according to her my hair wasn’t in a presentable form. It’s funny how twists out on kinky hair looks unpresentable but twists out on curly 3a,b,c hair looks […]

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