Hi, I Sin. 

“I sin.  I’ve done so many things for so long that I’m not proud of.  I’ve sinned and begged for forgiveness.  Sinned and begged.  Sinned again and begged again.  I keep sinning and keep begging.  I’m tired of myself at this point.  How can God love me like this? I’m sure He’d be tired of […]

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My God & I: The Holy Spirit.

Hi hi hi! October is coming to and end, like play like play 2015 will soon be over! Thank God! I’m looking forward to the new year because, new year new me haha jokes. Today I want to talk about reading books, especially Christian books and how it has affected my walk with God positively. I remember […]

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My God & I: On Turning 21.

Hello dolls! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate and celebrate you all! So my birthday was on Sunday the 13th and omo talk about a disaster. I cried ehn. Nothing fell in place and I was overwhelmed by the disappointments so I was just crying up and down lol because when I’m frustrated […]

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My God & I | Declaration.

Hey lovers, how has your week been going? Mine has been good regardless of the disappointments, you know the number of your challenges or disappointmets is the number of your testimonies, hallelujah somebody! 🙆🏾🙋🏾💁🏾🙅🏾 Today we’re talking about Declaration which is still under our topic for this week, Faith. We laid the foundation for faith […]

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My God & I | Faith.

Hey dolls! How are you all doing today? Wonderful? Thank God. Remember the category I thought of introducing in my Catching Up post? Well here it is! It will be under the category My God & I so you can easily assess it. Also we (yes we, it is going to be a very interactive […]

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