Shopping On Aliexpress.

Disclaimer: This is how I shop on Aliexpress, different strokes for different folks, it is not the HOW TO, but HOW I. Hey bunnies and hunnies? Missed me? Haha don't deny I know you did, chop kiss :* Today's post is up all thanks to Ene of ladybugbyene (congratulations on the domain girl!) for the inspiration, … Continue reading Shopping On Aliexpress.

Nkataa Online Grocery Store.

Hey hunnies, happy new month! So last week I saw a post on Instagram from my friend showing the groceries she got from this online supermarket based in Abuja stating that they had deals and etc. Fast forward, I placed an order for this deal to get 15 chocolates, three of each brand for N1400 … Continue reading Nkataa Online Grocery Store.