Natural Hair Acronyms

Frequently Used Acronyms & Terms.

Here are some of the abbreviations and terms used in the natural hair world. If more come up, be sure to remind me.

1/2abc/3abc/4abc – Hair curl types under the hair typing system.

2nd Day Hair – Hair that still looks good the next day after being styled the previous day and doesn’t require re-styling.

ACV – Apple cider vinegar.

APL – Armpit length; used to describe hair length that is up to the armpit.

AVG – Aloe vera gel.

BAA – Big ass afro.

BAGGY – a method of sealing in moisture in the hair by using plastic caps or shower caps either overnight or for long hours.

BC – Big chop; to chop off the relaxed ends or damaged part of the hair.

BRAID OUT – A protective hair style that deals with braiding the hair a night before and take out the braids in the morning.

BREAKAGE – Hair breakage refers to strands of hair that break mid-way or completely and are easily identified by hair strands without the white bulb at the root (start assessing each hair strand that falls off your head, I do too).

BSL – Bra strap length; used to describe hair length that is up to the bra strap.

CARRIER OIL – Also known as base oil, used to dilute essential oils. Eamples include olive oil, jojoba oil etc.

CBL – Collarbone length; used to describe hair length that is up to the collar bone.

CG – Curly girl method; a method of using water or water based leave-in conditioners, oils, moisturizers and conditioners only, no shampoo is used.

CLARIFY – To remove build-up in hair strands using a clarifying shampoo or conditioner, ACV etc.

CLUMP(ING) – Hair strands that joined together to form bigger curls.

CONDISH – Conditioner.

CONES – Surfactants present in hair products that strip hair of it’s natural oil.

CO-WASH/CW – To use conditioners only.

DC/DT – Deep condition or deep treatment.

DUSTING – To trim 1/4 or less of the ends of the hair.

EO – Essential oil such as rosemary oil, tea tree oil etc.

EVCO – Extra virgin coconut oil.

EVOO – Extra virgin olive oil.

GHE – Greenhouse effect; a method of using the baggying method except with only water or leave-in conditioner, a plastic cap and two scarfs so the body can generate heat to keep the hair moisturized.

HOLY GRAIL – Hair products that have been tested and true.

HUMECTANT – A substance that attracts and retains moisture in the hair such as glycerin, honey, propelene glycol.

JBCO – Jamaican black castor oil.

LOC/LCO – A method of using L – water or leave in conditioners, O – oils, C – lotion moisturizers or butter cream moisturizers to seal in moisture, a simple hair regimen.

NAPPYVERSARY – Anniversary of natural hair.

NG – New growth.

NO POO – A method of using only conditioners and not shampoos (which I’m currently inculcating).

PINEAPPLEING – A sleep technique in which the hair is packed in form of an updo so as to preserve curls.

PLOPPING – The use of a cotton t-shirt to dry the hair.

PRE-POO – A method of applying either oils or conditioning the hair before washing with shampoo.

POO – Shampoo.

PRODUCT JUNKIE – A person who enjoys buying new products because of what it promises.

SEALING – A method of sealing the moisture in the hair with oils and moisturizers.

SHEDDING – Hair strands shed from the scalp of the hair in which a white bulb is present at the roots which is completely normal as we shed 50-100 hairs per day.

SHRINKAGE – Shortage in hair length due to the tightness and elasticity of the hair.

SLIP –  Slippery; of a conditioner, moisturizer or shampoo which is slippery and perfect for detangling hair.

SLS – Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate; a surfactant present in most shampoos and deep conditioners which causes it to lather and also strips the hair of its natural oils leaving the hair with a squeaky clean feel.

THREE STRAND TWISTS – Twists by dividing the hair into three parts.

TNC – Twist n curl.

TWA – Teeny weeny afro.

TWO STRAND TWISTS – Twists by dividing the hair into two parts.

WASH & GO – A method of washing the hair either by DCing or CWing and applying a styling gel then letting it air dry and off you go; literally.

Did I forget to add any acronym or term? Do leave a comment, thanks.



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