Post Wash Routine.

Hey loves, doing good today? This week has just been a drag so far because of the traffic and long hours at work but here's a new post, I know I promised a product review but I felt I needed to tell you all what I do to my hair right after washing it. To … Continue reading Post Wash Routine.

Wash Routine – Updated.

Hey darlings! Happy mid week (lol if there's anything like that), the weekend is almost here, hang in there! So I just felt I needed to update you all on my wash routine, it's been a while I posted anything about my wash routine so here goes. Nothing has changed really but overall, this is … Continue reading Wash Routine – Updated.

Havanna Twists On Natural Hair.

Yello loves! So over the weekend I washed my hair with my newly acquired products and did havanna twists. I'd try to make this post as short and detailed as possible. Here are videos on how to do havanna twists Initially my twists were supposed to be big and havanna-like but oh well... What … Continue reading Havanna Twists On Natural Hair.

Using Flexi Rods To Achieve Curls.

Hey everyone. So lastweek during the Easter celebrations, my sister decided to take us (me & my immediate sister) for lunch and I decided to use flexi rods (bendy rollers) on my hair to: - Stretch out my hair. - To achieve whatsoever curls if possible. To do this, I made use of the ORS … Continue reading Using Flexi Rods To Achieve Curls.

Stretching Natural Hair With Thread.

Been long you saw me (x_x), I wanted to take a little break from blogging plus the elections were up, perfect excuse, am I forgiven? 😀 Sai Buhari! Did you think I'd do a post-election post without congratulating our President Elect? I'm so euphoric about the outcome of the Presidential election held on the 28th … Continue reading Stretching Natural Hair With Thread.