‘Fro In Pictures.

Hey Hey! Happy New Month in advance guys! As the Blog title states, this is just a post on the current state/look of my hair before clocking one. Yes my hair is a lot fuller, yes I still have knots and tangles, yes I'm due for a trim, no I don't know if I've gotten … Continue reading ‘Fro In Pictures.

NH Feature: The Kink and I.

Hey Hey! I apologize for being MIA during this past week, been busy but here I am. Today on Natural Hair Inspiration we're featuring AB who owns thekinkandi.wordpress.com, enjoy. Tell me about yourself. Hello Bey! I'm just a lippie-loving optimist & rookie lawyer trying to get her life. 🙂   Describe your hair before going … Continue reading NH Feature: The Kink and I.