What To Do With Your TWA.

When I decided to go natural and pay more attention to the health of my hair, I didn't know what else to do to my hair asides washing it and adding gel all over it. The internet helped but not as expected. Most of the nice hairstyles were for naturals with long hair, no place … Continue reading What To Do With Your TWA.

Tea Rinse/Rinsing.

Hey Hey! I believe it's no news that everyday a new thing comes up in the Natural Hair Community. Basically 70% of the things we eat can be applied to our natural hair. I don't mean the already finished food but the ingredients can be applied, take for instance, thyme used in making jollof rice … Continue reading Tea Rinse/Rinsing.

My Hair Journey – Going Natural.

Hey everyone. Hope you're good? Happy Sunday by the way. Well I did delete my old blog (www.poshbabe.blog.com)  because I wanted a fresh start, this is my fresh start and I hope it's as good as the former (or even better). Sooooooooooo I'm super excited (I haven't slept at all because of this post)! I finally … Continue reading My Hair Journey – Going Natural.