Box Braids Takedown + Wash Routine.

Hi dolls! It's another day, glory be to God for sparing our lives. Today I'd be showing you all how I took down my box braids and my new wash routine, nothing has changed significantly I just wash my hair in sections now since my hair is of medium - high density now (whoop whoop … Continue reading Box Braids Takedown + Wash Routine.

Banana – Honey Deep Conditioner.

Hey dolls! I'm SORRY for being MIA these past months. I really hope you all forgive me. I've had a lot going on and I'd try to make up for the past months. On a lighter note, I'm done with university! (YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!) Haha! So that means more blogging, I promise (till I leave for NYSC). … Continue reading Banana – Honey Deep Conditioner.

Avocado – Honey Moisturizing Deep Conditioner.

Another day of DIY. I'm currently on wool dreads as seen in this post, but before then, I tried an easy DIY moisturizing deep conditioning so as to make my hair soft when it undergoes all the pulling, combing and all that hardship lol. I read online, as usual, on different fruits and etc you … Continue reading Avocado – Honey Moisturizing Deep Conditioner.