Checkered & Leopard Print.

Hi dolls! Happy new month! My birthday is next week Sunday; 13th September! Yay! I honestly apologize for the lack of posts these days, my phone spoilt, wi-fi was out etc but I'm here now, how have y'all been? We need to catch up oh so drop your comments below let's gist! Today I'm doing an … Continue reading Checkered & Leopard Print.

Cleopatra Hair.

Hey Dolls! Doing good today? I wrote a post (again lol) on Grace's blog on Unforgiveness, read, share and enjoy!   I made my hair yesterday, I call it channeling my inner Cleopatra and Amrezy and it cost less than 10000n (both weave and service charge) so adjust your seat and get this scoop hunnay. Weave - … Continue reading Cleopatra Hair.