Product Review: Hegai and Esther Single Eyeshadows.

Hey hey, so I'm here with a mini eyeshadow review. I got the Hegai and Esther single eyeshadows a while back after seeing swatches of their new release on Instagram, I got to play with them, a full video is on my YouTube, click to watch. Product: Hegai and Esther. Product Name: Matte: Inferno and … Continue reading Product Review: Hegai and Esther Single Eyeshadows.

I Relaxed My Natural Hair!

It's no news I've been meaning to relax my hair, it stopped growing, kept breaking and I was just tired of managing it honestly. Click to watch the whole video. Relaxer: Organics by Africa's Best Conditioning Relaxer System for Coarse Hair (2 in 1). Price: N3200. I loved being natural and I'm sure I'd love … Continue reading I Relaxed My Natural Hair!

Product Review: El-Glittas Hair Wonder.

Hey loves, how are you today? I know everyone has probably seen this product somewhere in Lagos, either at the supermarket or on the road, you've sha seen it. I was drawn to it because of marketing lol, the supermarket where I buy most of my beauty products had it in stock so I said … Continue reading Product Review: El-Glittas Hair Wonder.

How I Wash And Moisturize My Natural Hair.

Hey beautiful, how are you? When I posted my Nappyversary on Instagram a friend (Hi Dami!) suggested I put up my hair routine and I figured that I haven't done that since forever so I'm here with my always simple hair routine. L-R from first row: VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Shampoo, Daily Defense Conditioner (I don't know … Continue reading How I Wash And Moisturize My Natural Hair.

OOTD: Wifey Material; A Thousand Yards.

Hey darlings! Long time no OOTD (Hi Oreoluwa, here's one, finally lol) so I'm here with one today, yay! I haven't been taking my OOTDs as per usual because my photographer is barely around when I'm set for church. I decided to look like a wife for thanksgiving Sunday and I loved every bit of it, … Continue reading OOTD: Wifey Material; A Thousand Yards.

Nappyversary: Fro At Three.

Heeyyyyyyyy! How are you today? Happy New Month (hope it isn't too late?)! Here's to success and celebrations this month, amen! Today marks three years since I opened this blog to document my natural hair journey! Yay! Read about it here. My 'fro turned three last month and unlike my normal chirpy self about my … Continue reading Nappyversary: Fro At Three.

It’s A Wig, Again. 

Hi hi, doing good? Do you ever see a style on a celebrity and want to achieve that exact look (or something similar) but your account balance says otherwise? 😩 I got tired of braiding my hair and decided to wig it because that's what's in these days. I saw this particular look on two … Continue reading It’s A Wig, Again.