Nappyversary: Fro At Three.

Heeyyyyyyyy! How are you today? Happy New Month (hope it isn't too late?)! Here's to success and celebrations this month, amen! Today marks three years since I opened this blog to document my natural hair journey! Yay! Read about it here. My 'fro turned three last month and unlike my normal chirpy self about my … Continue reading Nappyversary: Fro At Three.

Nappyversary: Fro At Two. 

Drumroll! 🎉🎊 My fro is two today, yay! It's yet another year of me not relaxing my hair amidst the serious temptations around haha! Unlike my one year Nappyversary when I went to a salon, this time around I didn't even stretch my hair or straighten it, I just let it be.  I should do … Continue reading Nappyversary: Fro At Two.