Product Review: El-Glittas Hair Wonder.

Hey loves, how are you today? I know everyone has probably seen this product somewhere in Lagos, either at the supermarket or on the road, you've sha seen it. I was drawn to it because of marketing lol, the supermarket where I buy most of my beauty products had it in stock so I said … Continue reading Product Review: El-Glittas Hair Wonder.

My Wishlist From Sizzelle.

Yello girls, how y'all doing today? Happy new month! May the last part of this year be the best part, amen! When you're bored do you just surf the internet for hair products, makeup, books, clothes, shoes with no intention of buying them yet? I know I do sha. Today was one of those days, seeing as … Continue reading My Wishlist From Sizzelle.

Product Review – Dudu-Osun Black Soap.

Been a minute dolls, howdy? So I've been procrastinating on doing this product review but it's finally here, whew. Down to business. I bought this soap over a while back because I wanted a cleansing shampoo in a bar then I read around that this was the best bet so here goes. N.B - THIS … Continue reading Product Review – Dudu-Osun Black Soap.