I Relaxed My Natural Hair!

It's no news I've been meaning to relax my hair, it stopped growing, kept breaking and I was just tired of managing it honestly. Click to watch the whole video. Relaxer: Organics by Africa's Best Conditioning Relaxer System for Coarse Hair (2 in 1). Price: N3200. I loved being natural and I'm sure I'd love … Continue reading I Relaxed My Natural Hair!

How I Wash And Moisturize My Natural Hair.

Hey beautiful, how are you? When I posted my Nappyversary on Instagram a friend (Hi Dami!) suggested I put up my hair routine and I figured that I haven't done that since forever so I'm here with my always simple hair routine. L-R from first row: VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Shampoo, Daily Defense Conditioner (I don't know … Continue reading How I Wash And Moisturize My Natural Hair.

It’s A Wig, Again. 

Hi hi, doing good? Do you ever see a style on a celebrity and want to achieve that exact look (or something similar) but your account balance says otherwise? 😩 I got tired of braiding my hair and decided to wig it because that's what's in these days. I saw this particular look on two … Continue reading It’s A Wig, Again. 

Product Review: Island Beauty Spring Collection Lipsticks. 

Hey hey! Doing good? I've been under the weather of late hence no post but I'm gerring berra and berra thank God lol. So earlier this month I received some lipsticks from the Island Beauty Team (Hi Darren!) for review, this is their Spring Collection and I'm excited to review them.   Shade: Berry Wine … Continue reading Product Review: Island Beauty Spring Collection Lipsticks. 

Wool Twists. 

Hey hey!  How are you today? Awesome? I made my hair myself! Yes! Haha I practically disturbed my friends because I wanted everyone to know I made my hair myself.  Why spend money when you can make your hair youself? 😁               You'll Need: A pack of Babby Wool or any knitting wool.  … Continue reading Wool Twists. 

Nappyversary: Fro At Two. 

Drumroll! 🎉🎊 My fro is two today, yay! It's yet another year of me not relaxing my hair amidst the serious temptations around haha! Unlike my one year Nappyversary when I went to a salon, this time around I didn't even stretch my hair or straighten it, I just let it be.  I should do … Continue reading Nappyversary: Fro At Two. 

Product Review: Organics by Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise.

Hey dolls! What's up? Today I'm here with a review of a deep conditioner which also doubles as a leave-in conditioner. Let's get right into it. Product: Organics by Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise. I mistakenly picked up this product thinking it was the Cholesterol Tea-Tree Oil Conditioner by the same brand because they have the same … Continue reading Product Review: Organics by Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise.