Something Blue.

Hey hey! Happy new month guys, may God crown this last month of the year with strange manifestations, unusual kindness from every corner, amen! So as opposed to the normal routine of a makeup post every Sunday, I decided to switch things up and do an outfit post because I'm loving my skirt so much. … Continue reading Something Blue.

Wash Routine – Updated.

Hey darlings! Happy mid week (lol if there's anything like that), the weekend is almost here, hang in there! So I just felt I needed to update you all on my wash routine, it's been a while I posted anything about my wash routine so here goes. Nothing has changed really but overall, this is … Continue reading Wash Routine – Updated.

Havanna Twists On Natural Hair.

Yello loves! So over the weekend I washed my hair with my newly acquired products and did havanna twists. I'd try to make this post as short and detailed as possible. Here are videos on how to do havanna twists Initially my twists were supposed to be big and havanna-like but oh well... What … Continue reading Havanna Twists On Natural Hair.

Stretching Natural Hair With Thread.

Been long you saw me (x_x), I wanted to take a little break from blogging plus the elections were up, perfect excuse, am I forgiven? 😀 Sai Buhari! Did you think I'd do a post-election post without congratulating our President Elect? I'm so euphoric about the outcome of the Presidential election held on the 28th … Continue reading Stretching Natural Hair With Thread.

Lumo Naturals Salon: Review.

Hey dolls, doing good today? Yesterday was my Nappyversary so I decided to give my hair some TLC with heat, lol, the irony right? I set up an appointment with Lumo Naturals Salon here in Abuja for a blowout, straightening and trimming session, this is going to be a long post. Lumo Naturals Salon is a natural … Continue reading Lumo Naturals Salon: Review.

Get To Know My Mane/It’s A Year!

Hey dolls! So I decided to do a tell-all/get-to-know-my-mane post, sit back and enjoy. This post might be a “little” long because I love to gist so endure. I set questions for myself just to make this seem more interactive. How it all started... I decided to go natural exactly a year ago and well let … Continue reading Get To Know My Mane/It’s A Year!

Man Shanu On Natural Hair.

Happy last week in/of February! I'm always excited when a month comes to an end (I promise it's not because of my salary lol) Over the weekend, I took out my Ghana Braids, for more details on the takedown method, check here or here. A summary is shown in the pictorial below. More about Man … Continue reading Man Shanu On Natural Hair.