Product Review: Alberto VO5 Conditioner/s.

Hey darlings! If you check the sidebar towards your right you'd see my countdown to my Nappyversary, who is excited with me? Also there are Follow links either on Instagram, Twitter, WordPress or to subscribe to each post, it's really simple and easy and all it takes is one click. 🙂 Another (delayed) product review … Continue reading Product Review: Alberto VO5 Conditioner/s.

Help! In Need of More Products.

Hey hey. This is just a random post anyways. I recently ran out of conditioner before I made my Ghana Braids so I decided to buy one (or some). I then went to a supermarket in my estate looking for new conditioners to buy but the problem I have is I'm very selective/picky in everything … Continue reading Help! In Need of More Products.

Product Review – Dudu-Osun Black Soap.

Been a minute dolls, howdy? So I've been procrastinating on doing this product review but it's finally here, whew. Down to business. I bought this soap over a while back because I wanted a cleansing shampoo in a bar then I read around that this was the best bet so here goes. N.B - THIS … Continue reading Product Review – Dudu-Osun Black Soap.

It’s a New Year!

Oh it's been a while! I missed you all, group hug and kisses! Happy New Year Hunnies! May this year be one of many celebrations in Jesus' name! January 2nd was my BC anniversary (oh yes it's been a year!), however, my nappyversary is February 25th because that's when I made the decision to go … Continue reading It’s a New Year!

Apple Cider Vinegar On Natural Hair.

A very good afternoon to you all! Saturday was wash day so I decided to try the ACV on my hair. Also, I'd link two videos that helped out.   I use the CG method in washing my hair, meaning I don't use shampoos except when necessary.   Steps for the CG method … Continue reading Apple Cider Vinegar On Natural Hair.

Additions To The Stash Family.

Hey Hey! This is just an update on the new products I've added to my stash. This is NOT a product review.     From L - R: Gentelle Hair Fruits Conditioner - I'm using this as a detangling conditioner and it's really cheap, got this for 250n at the beauty store close to my house. I … Continue reading Additions To The Stash Family.