Fro, Palazzo & Prints.

  Hey dolls, forgive me for my unannounced sabbatical, I was down with malaria last week but don't fret, I'm back to being fabulous lol. I wasn't going to post this because my sister sucks at snapping pictures with the camera but I decided it was time for an outfit post, no? This is what … Continue reading Fro, Palazzo & Prints.

The Denim Series – The Ripped Jeans.

Ello baes! What's good? I'm so excited about this series because it wasn't difficult to pull together; the easiest thing after "monochromizing" (if there's any word like that) because I own quite a few pairs of jeans, so for the next days I'm going to show you all how I styled my jeans to work … Continue reading The Denim Series – The Ripped Jeans.