How I Wash And Moisturize My Natural Hair.

Hey beautiful, how are you? When I posted my Nappyversary on Instagram a friend (Hi Dami!) suggested I put up my hair routine and I figured that I haven't done that since forever so I'm here with my always simple hair routine. L-R from first row: VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Shampoo, Daily Defense Conditioner (I don't know … Continue reading How I Wash And Moisturize My Natural Hair.

Catching Up.

LOL! LOL! LOL! You know I'd definitely laugh the laugh of guilt right? Hi dooollllssss! I'm so sorry for my unexplained "leave" but I'm going to make up for times lost, am I forgiven? puppy eyes So how have you been? Awesome? Yay! Thank God. Oya let's catch up because you all are my cyber friends! I … Continue reading Catching Up.

Wash Routine – Updated.

Hey darlings! Happy mid week (lol if there's anything like that), the weekend is almost here, hang in there! So I just felt I needed to update you all on my wash routine, it's been a while I posted anything about my wash routine so here goes. Nothing has changed really but overall, this is … Continue reading Wash Routine – Updated.

Blogversary, It’s Been A Year!

HEY LOVES I BOUGHT A DOMAIN! YAAASSSSS! The blog is now bookiekunlere DOT COM! Haha yes, if you didn't notice, is gone! I got a domain on Friday but I didn't want to steal the shine off the post on Friday which you can find here by the way, so I decided to post this … Continue reading Blogversary, It’s Been A Year!