Wool Twists. 

Hey hey!  How are you today? Awesome? I made my hair myself! Yes! Haha I practically disturbed my friends because I wanted everyone to know I made my hair myself.  Why spend money when you can make your hair youself? 😁               You'll Need: A pack of Babby Wool or any knitting wool.  … Continue reading Wool Twists. 

It’s A Wig & Ootd!

I decided to post this today, much later after the hair update. It's my first #OOTD (whoop!). So I needed a good protective style since my hair was breaking from my last twists and I really want to retain length so I opted for a wig. My friend Amaka made the wig for me using my … Continue reading It’s A Wig & Ootd!

Bantu Knot Out On Relaxed Hair.

Yesterday I did bantu knots on my friend Tanny's hair even though she's relaxed. I used water and Organics by Africa's Best Kids Detangling Moisturizing Lotion to detangle her hair in each section. I twisted each section using two strands, I wrapped the twisted section around itself and used a bobby pin to secure the … Continue reading Bantu Knot Out On Relaxed Hair.