I Relaxed My Natural Hair!

It's no news I've been meaning to relax my hair, it stopped growing, kept breaking and I was just tired of managing it honestly. Click to watch the whole video. Relaxer: Organics by Africa's Best Conditioning Relaxer System for Coarse Hair (2 in 1). Price: N3200. I loved being natural and I'm sure I'd love … Continue reading I Relaxed My Natural Hair!

Bantu Knot Out On Relaxed Hair.

Yesterday I did bantu knots on my friend Tanny's hair even though she's relaxed. I used water and Organics by Africa's Best Kids Detangling Moisturizing Lotion to detangle her hair in each section. I twisted each section using two strands, I wrapped the twisted section around itself and used a bobby pin to secure the … Continue reading Bantu Knot Out On Relaxed Hair.