Mini Twists Out + Ootd (Pictures)

Hey darlings. This is the picture-post I promised to show yesterday, I unraveled my mini twists so now I'm rocking a twist out with the best definition yet because I used gel. Uh oh, I noticed some massive flakes all over my hair, all thanks to the gel and water I used to "soften" my … Continue reading Mini Twists Out + Ootd (Pictures)

Twists Out On Natural Hair.

Hey darlings! I did this bomb twists out on Monday, September 1st but I had to comb it out because my H.O.D wouldn't sign my clearance form, according to her my hair wasn't in a presentable form. It's funny how twists out on kinky hair looks unpresentable but twists out on curly 3a,b,c hair looks … Continue reading Twists Out On Natural Hair.