Review: Burg.

Hey darlings! Lol I hate how I come and go as well but I promise to drop a blog post at least once monthly.

Do you know how stressful it is living in Lagos, doing a 9-5, running a business and still finding time to blog? I’m not trying to come up with excuses but please, reason with me. 

So a couple of months back I was craving burgers, from nowhere to be honest. Prior to that time, I had never eaten a burger in my life so I didn’t understand where it was coming from but hormones…

Anyway, my girlfriend and I went to Burg at Ikeja GRA to have burger and basically unwind after a long week.


Location: 11B Isaac John St, Ikeja, Lagos (opposite Prince Ebeano).

Ambience: It has both indoor and outdoor spaces. The restaurant inside is well lit but the pictures above are outside which has dim lights. The bar is also outside.

Space: Outside isn’t so spacious but it’s pretty okay.

Price: I had the Suya Burger N2,500 (I can’t remember if it came with fries) and the OG Vodka Lemonade in the skull size, I can’t remember the price but this drink knocked me ouuttt!

Quality: The burger was so delicious! The bread was ssoooo soft, you can see my imprints from the picture above. I don’t like mustard so next time I order, it’ll be without the mustard.

Service: Quality of service is good as well. I think the burger was ready under 15 minutes and the staff are really friendly.

Blogger Friendly: Yes it’s blogger friendly. You can take pictures wherever.

Parking: There’s a lot of parking in the compound so you’re covered if you drive.

I’ve been to Burg twice now and I’ve loved it both times. It’s really good to know there’s a chill spot in Ikeja, not every time VI or Lekki.

Have you been to Burg? How was your experience?

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