Review: The Lighthouse Bar and Grill.


Is it too early to give myself a pat on the back for consistency? LOL it’s only been two posts this month but I feel so gooooood!

Anyway, I’m here with a review of one of my favourite spots in Lagos. Till date, I can’t really explain what it is about Lighthouse that I love so much. I just always feel so relaxed and at peace there.

The Lighthouse Bar and Grill

Location: 12E Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lekki.

Ambience: I wish I had better pictures of the entire space but it’s pretty chill, nothing fancy. It sits on and overlooks the water so it’s relaxing as well.

Space: They recently extended the space where I held a glass of white wine so it’s bigger now. Only thing is that extension isn’t covered so if it rains…

Price: Their meals/drinks are so affordable (I know affordable is relative but truly it is). I’ve ordered the suya pieces (N500 or N1,000), sweet potato strips (N1,500 I think), half chicken barbecue (N4,000 I think), glass of white/red wine (N1,500/N2,500), long island cocktail so far.

P.S who else feels like the long island cocktail in Lagos is made extra strong to kill you? I got so drunk one time I threw up and embarrassed my lineage.

Quality: Everything I’ve had so far has been great! No complaints.

Service: Friendly staff, on-time meals (except for the barbecue chicken which you may have to wait some more minutes for).

Blogger Friendly: It is blogger friendly and great for chill pictures.

Parking: There’s ample parking space in the compound.

Have you been to Lighthouse? Do you like it there?

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