What’s In My Bag (Tag)

Hey dolls, thank God for rain in Abuja, the heat has been crazzzyyy.

Well I finally got time to do this post (thank God) so here goes nothing.




Bag – N4000 from random sellers at Yaba market. This has been my go-to bag for months now, switching it up this month.

Powder – Iman brown powder in clay 4, switching this up too because it’s not great for my skin.

Wallet – gifted from my sister, holds my five atm cards (lol don’t ask me how), ID cards, money and vouchers.

Earphones – for listening to amebo voicenotes and watching movies at work.

Sunglasses – got them at Yaba, random guy for N400, they’re not dark enough but they’re just fine.

Nysc ID Card – for when I need to flash this to run away from trouble.

Power Bank – my colleague’s but I spoilt it so it just sits in my bag all the time.

Nokia Phone – I rarely charge this but it holds my other sim so…

Folded Tissue – it’s really hot in Abuja and this tissue isn’t as light weight as others.

Pen – for when I go to the bank and etc.

Lipstick – Island Beauty in Violet, one of my favorites shades, got this for N200 at Ketu bus stop.

Perfume – Smart Collection’s DKNY Be Delicious,  my sister uses the original perfume and I love this.

Body spray – Beauty Sense “With A Kiss” body spray, got this at a supermarket in my estate, forgotten the price but it smells refreshing and has refused to finish.

Money – I always have “change” swimming in my bag for when I need to enter keke/cab to the next bus stop and etc.

Yes Jen I finally did this, thanks for tagging me and if you haven’t done this post, you’re automatically tagged.

I used a cardboard for the flat lay picture, unbelievable right? All thanks to Jen & Cassie for the insight.


5 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag (Tag)

    1. Lol I know right, I actually almost missed buying the bag oh.
      I love Island Beauty’s range of lipsticks, they’re cheapies and of good quality too


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