NYSC – The End of A Chapter.

Hey guys!

I’ve been super caught up all month with laptop issues, data issues, network issues and NYSC clearance wahala hence my being MIA, I deeply apologize!

I missed you guys so much!

NYSC IS OVERRRR! Haha I’m sad that 19800n is over but I’m glad to be done with it.

I made wonderful friends and I learnt a whole lot during the course of the programme so no regrets!

No more:

  • Corper wii/wee
  • Corper shun
  • Ajuwaya
  • Koffas
  • Government pikin

I was so excited this day ehn, even though the struggle in collecting our certificates was reaaall!


Congratulations to all Batch C corpers! Greater heights in Jesus’ name!

Yes I finally did my bob box braids oh but I’ve taken them out now.

Ehnhen we all saw Linda Ikeji’s mansion abi? My fellow bloggers don’t let anyone kill your shine oh! Keep blogging! God will favour us all amen! LOL!


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