Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship(s)?

Is social media ruining your relationship(s)?

Hey darlings, I decided to do a chit chat post that I’ve promised since forEVER so here goes.

I was having this conversation with a friend earlier and he goes “SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE DEVIL OF RELATIONSHIPS”, I laughed so hard with the seriousness in his voice. He shared reasons why he has this belief and I totally agree with him. I know to each his own but there’s total truth in what he said.

He is of the opinion that not everyone needs to know who you’re getting with per time; gave an instance where two people were in a relationship and the girlfriend puts pictures of them both on Instagram and gets comments like “couple goals” etc. Now that they’ve broken up, she can’t delete those pictures till she finds another boyfriend to “showcase” because prying eyes of the media both frenemies and friends will bombard her with a million and one questions.

The truth is if you get into a relationship and you become very public about it; Instagram pictures and Snapchat videos, we, the public, deserve a long letter of explanation as to why you lot broke up, we were in the relationship too!

I’m of the notion that whatever is private should be private because I hate to jinx stuff so when I become super public with my relationship I’m just calling the public to come see what’s happening in my life, the good and bad.

I love my private life just private. We all know people we can check their Instagram pages just to see if they’re still in that relationship, if the pictures have been deleted, we then know they’ve broken up. Why will you like people to monitor you like that?

On the flip side however, I know a couple that were quite public about their relationship and today they’re engaged to be married, kudos!

In the end it all depends on what works for you, do you!

What do you think? Are you all for showing off your significant other on social media all the time or you keep it private or you show off once in a while?

Let’s get chatty in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship(s)?

  1. Hmmm… I don’t think social media ruins relationships. It all depends on what you put out there. I don’t see anything wrong with putting up the occasional picture of your S.O on social media. I think people care too much about what strangers think anyway. If you’re happy in your relationship and you want to post sappy photos, go ahead. If you guys break up and you want to delete them, that’s your right. I mean what does it really matter?

    That being said, I get wanting to keep things private, and not putting too much information about your relationship out there. To each their own.

    Beauty Frenzy | BeautyFrenzyBlog

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  2. I’m not exactly a fan of public relationships. Like you said when a breakup happens it becomes difficult to post as people who have seen your pictures together will ask questions and pry. This can be annoying especially if the breakup is messy and you just want to move on. If marriage is not in view, going public isn’t smart.


  3. Hmmmmmmmmm…. I think it does save us in many ways and in most ways it fucks things up.
    Pardon my English B.
    In our world today u meet insecure guys or girls who will only believe u care abt them wen u show them off. And trust me i know alot of couples that have broken up cause their spouses did not post their pictures here or there….
    Really it depends on ur agreement with ur other fellow.
    If he or she likes it and it works…good… If they don’t….. still good…. but at the end of the day the truth still remains true…and thats that Bookie that guy is right…putting everything out there means no b only u get ur life…other pple follow u own am…
    Seriously now that i think abt it….i need to start cutting down on my excess picture posting.


    1. Lol I know people that broke up because “you didn’t post my picture on Snapchat/Instagram” but does it matter? I can do it once in a blue moon is that enough ground to break up with me?
      Lol if you want to reduce your “excess picture posting” that’s fine, so far that’s what you want boo.


  4. Personally, I think it is easy to look at pictures of couples and think of them as goals when honestly, you don’t even know what’s going on behind closed doors. Every time my relationship failed, I was happy I didn’t put it up on Instagram lol. As you said, to each his own, just find someone who is content with you.


  5. Social media definitely doesn’t ruin relationships. I see nothing wrong in showing off your partner anytime you feel like. I also see nothing wrong in not doing that. I feel social media on its own can’t ruin relationships, people do that. You can’t say oo so you wont put me on your snapchat eh okay its over and go ahead to blame it on social media. That person clearly has certain issues that he needs to deal with and its definitely not snapchats fault.
    Another thing is that social media just helps to keep the amebos informed. Everyone wants to know what’s going on with this person and that person. Some even go as far as asking ooo so you guys are still together. That in a way might have effects on some relationships
    But we can help by not putting out sp much just leave them guessing then gbam should release the wedding pictures.

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  6. I dont agree that social media ruins relationships, it only depend on how one uses it. When i was dating (pre-instagram and snapchat days) I never put pictures of my hubby on facebook ,twitter etc cos i have a lot of friends( i will prefer to say pseudo-friends cos its just online friendship). I only put his picture as dp on my BBM(now that’s inner circle things). I believe what i don’t want acquaintances to know about my personal life shouldn’t be on facebook or any social media .
    So i think it depends on the amount of friends you have on social media and the exact relationship you have with them, that determines what to share. But there is life outside social media, lol.


    1. I totally understand and agree too.
      When I liked a guy, I put him on my BBM because inner circle like you pointed out but when things didn’t work out, only inner circle friends can ask, not the whole public.
      Thanks for stopping by Hun!


  7. Socia media doesn’t ruin relationships, I think.
    Relationships end because those involved fail to nourish it.
    If you ever feel the need to share your relationship on SM, do so and if you feel the need to hide it, hide it. And should the relationship end and you want to take down the photos shared, do so without thinking of what others might say. I think we get so stuck on what people might think that we suppress our happiness or lack of.
    I once shared my relationship on social media – Instagram only – and did so purely because I wanted people to share in my ‘joy’ and it was one of many things going on in my life that I shared. We broke up, I removed the photos and also didn’t feel the need to defend myself or be shy about it. People get together everyday, people break up every day and it’s fine.
    However, with my current relationship, I’m not sharing not because I’m scared of preying eyes or scared we might break up, but it’s simply something I want to cherish for myself. If that changes in the future, I’ll happily share while still cherishing my partner aka Nigerian Husband.

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    1. I agree with you on ‘people get together everyday’, it’s the normal order of life and if this doesn’t work, move on to the next without regrets. I guess it’s hard to move on (delete pictures and explain yourself to prying eyes) sometimes.
      Thanks for stopping by hun.

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