Product Review: Hegai and Esther Single Eyeshadows.

Hey hey, so I’m here with a mini eyeshadow review.

I got the Hegai and Esther single eyeshadows a while back after seeing swatches of their new release on Instagram, I got to play with them, a full video is on my YouTube, click to watch.

Product: Hegai and Esther.

Product Name:

Matte: Inferno and April.

Metallic Frost: Frozen.

Wet Diamond: Emeralda.


Matte – N800.

Metallic Frost – N1000.

Wet Diamond – N1000.

Where To Buy: Hegai and Esther (store or online).

What I Think:

Matte: super pigmented, applies easily.

Metallic Frost: has a satin like finish upon application, super pigmented.

Wet Diamond: my favorite shade, too beautiful, super pigmented and shimmery/glittery.

Have you tried any of their eyeshadows? Let me know.

I want more matte eyeshadows, which brands (Nigerian or not) should I look out for?

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