NH Feature: N’ayelle.

Hey everyone. Welcome to this new week, it rained today and I was almost sure this post won’t come up because rain = no wifi but thank God. I’m going to do an hair update for myself, I’m very excited, I just found out my hair type and it’s growing all over my hair. Also, my blog has over 1,000 hits! Excitement!

Anyways, this week will be about Natural Hair Inspiration only, I pray I have space to talk about my hair. Today on Natural Hair Inspiration, we’re meeting N’ayelle from Ghana. Hope you enjoy.


Tell me about yourself.

Hey hey! I’m Chrystal N’ayelle. Made in Ghana. I’m a voice-over actress, fashion designer as well as marketing consultant.


Describe your hair before going natural.

Great! I had it relaxed from May 2008 to December 2011. It was really thick, soft and shiny and it obeyed the wind! Lol. That’s what I loved about it. People asked me all the time whether it was my real hair lol. I had it coloured in wine red for about a year and then jet black. Such fun! Most of the time, it was cut short between neck and shoulder length.


Why did you go natural?

I’ve had an afro my whole life. I needed to go back to me! I missed the versatility of my kinky hair, soaking it with water when the weather got really hot; and the afro! I just think it got boring. Relaxed hair was just a pressure thing for me. We had TWAs in high school and it was sort of the tradition to have relaxed hair and partial sew-ins after.


Did you BC or transition?

Oh I went right ahead and big chopped baybee! I could never go past 6 weeks post-relaxer let alone transition. Too much stress for me and I needed a big break from hair issues. I think short hair is really beautiful so I had to start from scratch. I left the barbershop with less than an inch of hair. Big chopping was the best hair decision I ever made.

2012-02-01 11.12.19-106063693 (1)


How long have you been natural for?
26months XD.


Tell me about your hair now; hair type, hair properties, hair likes or dislikes?
My hair has always been a hard 4c but I realized some damage from relaxers. The hair at the lower back of my head grows with very soft loose curls. It’s so confused (lol) – some strands are bone straight! I also had it coloured so that bit craves water, water, water! My hair also loves Shea butter and coconut oil. Its reaction to styling gel and greasy products is simply unpleasant.


What’s your hair regimen like?
Hehe. Crazy. I wash twice a week shampooing over the weekend and cowashing during the week. I deep condition and prepoo with olive oil and coconut oil once a week after which I flat twist to style til the next wash day. I usually just spritz with water, leave in and coconut oil every morning.

2013-02-25 12.42.02-1

Holy-Grail products? Share!
African Pride Leave-In, Shea Moisture Curl Milk, Chapter 2000 for my scalp, Coconut Oil ❤ and raw Shea butter.

2013-06-01 08.47.19

How often do you wear your hair out?
About 7 out of the 12 months. I miss it too much when I braid.


Have you been tempted to pick that relaxer at any point?
Ai no way! There’s more to this hair I’m yet to discover. I’m enjoying every step I take.

2013-12-21 14.42.18 (1)

Have you received negative comments about your hair?
Oh yes at first! Just one! One friend just blurted out with negative comments when I BC’d just because she really liked it relaxed.


Any tips or tricks you want to share? We’re willing to learn!
Try not to play with your hair because you might just break a strand while you’re at it. Trim only when you need to. Eat well and drink lots of water. Enjoy every step and love your hair because when it grows the style options are likely to change as well. Have fun!


Don’t go! How can we still keep in touch? 
Blog: yellospace.wordpress.com
Instagram: @naye_bisous
Twitter: @nayelle_soul



My hair also has looser curls at the back like hers and we have similar hair regimen. I’m in love with her afro! Too gorg!

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Have a great day and remember Jesus loves you.



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