Nkataa Online Grocery Store.

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Hey hunnies, happy new month! So last week I saw a post on Instagram from my friend showing the groceries she got from this online supermarket based in Abuja stating that they had deals and etc.

Fast forward, I placed an order for this deal to get 15 chocolates, three of each brand for N1400 and a delivery fee of N100 making a total of N1500 .

Store – Nkataa Online Grocery Store.


What they sell – Basically everything you’d find in a regular supermarket, just the online version.


– If you’re all about the online life, you can get your daily grocery needs at your finger tips, this is great if you’re based in Abuja though.

– Pay on delivery option with either cash or POS, I paid with POS, that’s convenient.


– The delivery time took about two hours, for a store in Abuja I think this time is too long.

– The chocolates were placed in a random white nylon, no nice packaging for it and I’m big on packaging, how will someone even know I purchased them online and not from the shop down the street? No logo, address etc, nothing.

– Some of the chocolates were expired already, I mean, what?

Will I shop there again?

Well occasionally, yes but they need to check their products and ensure they don’t sell expired products to their customers and also get a customized take away bag for items purchased, other than that, it’s great having to order groceries online!


7 thoughts on “Nkataa Online Grocery Store.

  1. Expired chocolate? Naaaa it’s never that serious. At least now you know to check.


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