The Denim Series – The Classic Blue Jeans.

Dee's Signature pose.
Dee’s Signature pose.
How I look when trying to figure how to pose lol.

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Hi dolls! Doing good today? I started the Denim Series on Monday, if you haven’t checked them where have you been? Not to worry, you can catch up here and here.

There was no post yesterday because it was my CDS (community development service: Nysc wahala) day so no work and all.

However today I’m currently wearing this. You can never go wrong with a white tee/blouse and dark blue denim. I have a handful of dark blue denim (I actually have two of this one I’m wearing at the moment) and I just figured that asides having acid washed denim and the likes, you need this dark blue denim because it goes from work to play time easily, all you need do is switch the accessories and you’re good to go.

So Dee of deemako made a post on how to pose for pictures and I took a few hints from her, I actually did your signature pose Dee but it doesn’t look as good on me sha 😦 , I do have a number of poses I can never go wrong with like the back pose and unlooking pose. Anyways I think that post will benefit us all so check it out here.

Oh and my digital camera is back on track so goodbye to phone camera! I just need to find better locations for my pictures.

Blouse – thrifted from Yaba market.

Jeans – Denim co, gifted.

Shoes – Kardashian Kollection, N6000 from random seller at Yaba (I checked the KK website but didn’t see it but the shoes look legit though).

P.S My blog was one in March and it totally skipped my mind, gosh, so for that there’d be a giveaway on this blog soonest, yayness!

What do you think about this look?


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