Island Beauty 2015 Summer Collection Lipsticks (Swatches).

Haha what a mouthful! Hey dolls, doing good? Ramadan Kareem in advance to my Muslim readers & friends, send my ram meat oh!

So back in June when I did a review of the Island Beauty Lipsticks here, the company’s representative (hi Darren!) contacted me and notified me about the possibility that the lipsticks I bought were fake. Heย decided to send me their 2015 Summer Collection for review and he also indicated how I could tell the original from the fake and gave me contact details of their licensed retailer in Lagos, Nigeria, yaasss!

I had the Black Raspberry shade sent to me specifically to do a side by side review with the fake one so it is not among the 2015 Summer Collection.

The lipsticks were sent via Royal Mail and were delivered via NIPOST, they came in a small white packaging box and were neatly stacked.

Also, I was contacted in a very polite way to do a review, first names and all and my blog was well commended, so thanks for being respectful Darren/Island Beauty.

How To Distinguish Original Island Beauty Lipsticks From The Fake

DSC08064 DSC08067 DSC08068DSC08102

  • It must have Original NAFDAC Registration Number written at the buttom of the lipstick.
  • It has a distinctive fragrance.
  • It must have IB engraved on the cover of the lipstick at the top.
  • It must have a (rose) gold plated body on the inside that doesn’t fade.
  • The base of the lipstick must show the lipstick shade written on a gold plated stick-on as Island Beauty 50th 1964 – 2014.

The easiest way to spot fake Island Beauty Lipsticks is by looking at the base of the lipstick, the stick-on for the shade is usually silver while the original is written on a gold stick-on.

The 2015 Summer Collection

DSC08073 DSC08071 DSC08074 DSC08061 DSC080999

All swatches on my arm were made with just ONE stroke of the lipstick, yes hunnay, unlike the fake ones that had to be stroked about eight times.

Don’t you just love original stuff? Haha!

I’d be doing another post of how the lipsticks look on my lips, stay tuned.

To purchase Original Island Beauty Cosmetics, call Aretha Investments onย +234 704 5669 125, based in Lagos, Nigeria, you’re welcome dolls!


22 thoughts on “Island Beauty 2015 Summer Collection Lipsticks (Swatches).

  1. Hmmm. Island Beauty be making a sister want to buy lipsticks oo. I love the black raspberry a lot.
    Thank goodness we now know how to distinguish the original from the fake.
    Guest post on my blog by Bookie ๐Ÿ™‚
    Is Kissing A Sin


  2. I was gonna tell u babe! But the ginger to comment sometimes especially with my sick network dosent come easily! I was a die hard IB junkie way back as 2005 through 2008 I think the price then use to be 150 from a wholesale customer I had then. Then na so dollar price go turn up o! Kai I changed a lot of products then ranging from my body cream, lippies and perfumes. I had to put a stop to my darling IB too. That’s how I now sas a cheaper version #100 own I’m like oh it just for better but then my lips suffered some rashes then I figured it was fake. You go to some stores and they ask you “real or fake one” but even then too it’s still fake all round most times. With this review I’m going back to my IB I’m gonna be able to tell fake from real. Thanks bookie


    1. LOL! Na wa oh. They’re asking if you want fake or original?
      Yes, my fake Grape Icing had some whitish spots on it, I cleaned it and applied it but my lips were irritated. I couldn’t wear lipstick for the rest of the week.
      Anyhoo I’ve posted the contact information of Island Beauty’s licensed retailer, you can call for all your Island Beauty Cosmetics.

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  3. Thanks so much for this post. After highschool when i started make up proper, Island Beauty wherevthe first set of lipsticks i used, thanks to my big sisters. After a while i noticed everytime i bought a fake, so i just gave and stopped buying.


    1. You’re welcome Hun.
      I can imagine, the fake lipsticks are flying around but hopefully you get your hands on the originals.
      Thanks for stopping by Bella.


  4. I need island beauty lipstick. My type is black raspberry. I live in Ikom , Cross River state , Nigeria.


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