Episode 1: His Fingers Deep In Me | Season Two | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

Hello from the other side!

Finally! Season 2 is here, praise God!

If you’re just joining the IILWAMM family, where have you been? You’re welcome regardless.

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Excerpt from Episode 10: Ready For Big Daddy 

We got out of the car (he brought his Mercedes Benz S-Class Sedan), he placed me on the boot of the car and we got talking about work and business. He said he was going to invest some money in my business since it seemed like that’s what I want to focus on. I was so excited I thanked and reached for a hug. He held my waist and I placed my hands at the back of his head, there was no space between us and he kissed me. He pushed my waist closer to his as he was sucking my lower lip slowly. He knew sucking my lower lip always drove me crazy. He proceeded to breathe on the left side of my neck, leaving me with goosebumps which he saw on my arm, he rubbed my arm slowly to get rid of the goosebumps and leaned in to kiss and bite my neck softly, simultaneously. I swallowed my moans because we were outside and I didn’t want someone’s mother to come and disgrace me but all that fear of getting caught was the extra spice I needed.

He whispered in my ear that I should let out my moans as he started to caress my inner thigh with the tips of his fingers, reaching for panties while kissing me. As his fingers got farther down into my dress, he let out a semi grunt and said he loves how wet my thigh was and he placed his fingers in a position as if to part my panties to the side, but he was a bit shocked to find out I wasn’t wearing any. I could see the joy-hunger-lust in his eyes as he gave me that sexy smirk and said “you came ready for Big Daddy”. I smiled and said “I’m all yours Big Daddy”.


I don’t know why I said “I’m all yours Big Daddy”, I felt like I had just unlocked my inner nasty self but I liked it, I liked how Tade led me to be nasty with him, that was something I never had with Olu and if being nasty is how Tade likes it, guess who will be nasty for him?

“I can finally let loose and not be so stuck up and mediocre” I said to myself as he smiled at me, raised my legs slightly off the car as if to place them around his waist. I took the cue, wrapped and locked my legs around his waist. He leaned in as if to kiss me but instead used his hands to pull up my dress up to my waist, exposing my thighs in full glare, my mother would’ve fainted if she saw her only child in this position but you only live once abeg.

I first placed my hands behind his neck, kissing him on his lips, then I slid my hand under his shirt and scratched his back lightly while he undid my zipper. Everything happened so quickly yet so slow, he did everything with such precision that they flowed into each other, I was turned on by that. He seemed to have everything under control, he was so good, so experienced.

While he was kissing me, he removed my legs wrapped around his waist, spread them wider to each edge of the boot, held my wrists and placed them behind me in a crossed manner, using his right hand (his stronger hand) to hold my wrists in place and said “no hands babe”.

I was placed on the boot in a slightly uncomfortable position but there was so much adrenaline pumping in me I didn’t even think about comfort first, I was so eager to know what this man was up to, to experience what he had in his mind for me. I had fantasized about him, every night after we met so this moment right here was my fantasy being actualized but under different circumstances, definitely not on his boot, this was way out of my comfort zone but who is complaining? Certainly not me.

His grip was strong, as always, as if if he had not held me so tightly, I’d have slipped off the boot of the car and landed on the floor so he had that very firm grip on my wrists and the pain turned to pleasure.

While he gripped me with his right hand, he used his left fingers to play around my inner thighs, working up in slow, slightly circular motions and in a certain rhythm like he understood my body, like he was in control. It was quite chilly so each swirl of his fingers on my skin generated goosebumps all over my arms, I don’t know if he could see the goosebumps on my arms but he sure was loving what he has doing to my body because I let out soft moans at every touch.

Before I knew it, hepushed his middle finger deep into me, I wasn’t expecting it so I opened my eyes and gasped. He pushed my wrists towards my waist behind me so I could lean on my arms in a bid to provide a bit of comfort. He had that annoying satisfying smirk on his face and he said “relax” as he sucked on my right ear lobes.

He is 6’3 so I’d let you imagine how long his fingers are. He slid his finger back into me again but this time it was half of the actual length of his finger, rubbing my G spot and penetrating simultaneously, slowly, in a particular rhythm, continuously, still kissing me and pausing at intervals to allow for my soft subtle moans.

I tilted my back a bit, lifted my waist and closed my eyes, he then whispered “don’t close your eyes, look at me”. I opened my eyes, looking at him, fighting every form of moan in me because we were on a quiet street and I really don’t know how to moan subtly for long. Everything was so intense for me; being fingered on the boot of a car with your hands cuffed behind you, staring in the eyes of the person giving you all the pleasure as a part of you is afraid of getting caught and the other part just wants to moan the night away.

It was an unexplainable feeling. I tried so hard to focus and look at him but when he gradually increased the tempo by sliding his finger completely in me, staring at me, fighting his grunt, I couldn’t look at him anymore, I closed my eyes, tilted my back some more, spread my legs wider and bit my lower lip hard while moaning.

“Don’t close your eyes” he said. I opened my eyes again and I saw light from behind him and he was fingering me faster I thought maybe I was dazed to a point I was imagining things so I closed my eyes for some seconds then the thrust was getting more intense I opened my eyes to look at him, just the way he likes it and I saw that the light was from a car, the headlights of a car, on full blast, on us both.


Before you have my head, yes this is just a teaser, see you in the Episode Two!

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21 thoughts on “Episode 1: His Fingers Deep In Me | Season Two | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

  1. Hayyyy my God, should have warned not to read this while I’m on duty in the psych ward. Was glaring my eyes they’ll almost think I’m having symptoms lmao
    Waiting in episode 2.



  2. Is there space in this affair? I’m in love with Tade too even though he’s scum (for cheating on his wife)


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